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The rock's focus!

Community support
Social Justice
Spiritual & Physical Health
Congregational Care
Racial Equality


Our Family!


To raise an army of Kingdom minded, loving, and transformative representatives transforming lives, communities, and the world.


The Rock Christian Church is the body of Christ: Glorifying God's Awesomeness, Loving Humanity unconditionally, Evangelizing God's people to meet the needs of their neighbor.

                                                                  We Are The Rock

The Rock Christian Church is a newly founded and planted church. We believe that all humanity is a reflection of God's glory and a reflection of God's heart. We believe that everyone desires God's love, fair treatment, inclusion, equity, and justice to live as God has purposed them. Receiving God's love in return teaches us how to love our neighbor, which is what we are called to do while journeying and being present with the least of these.

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